Thursday, August 4, 2011

Geocacher Arrested

Video on the aftermath of the Geocaching Bomb Scare

As heard on podcacher show 327 -

In West Yorkshire, a geocacher was arrested, after a nearby business reported his activity as suspicious.  The police also visited the cache owner, and he was not arrested, but he was told to remove all caches in the area.  The geocacher that was arrested did not have to go to court, but this will "effect his future career" - whatever that means?

Since geocaching is not illegal, I wonder if perhaps there was some additional charge that no one is aware of?

Another article, with a video, is here -

The cache listing is here -

You can read more discussion on it on the Yorkshire Geocaching Forums

Monday, March 28, 2011

Geocaching At Hills Creek State Park

We were camping at Hills Creek with my parents this week-end, so it was a great time to introduce them to geocaching, AND to get our first legacy of conservation card.  

There are only 2 caches in the state park -which surprised us.  Both are an easy walk from the cabin area - and although both are ammo boxes in the woods, neither is much of a hike, these are great family friendly caches.  Simple finds.

While there we walked over to the MST gamelands cache too - also an easy walk from the cabin area, round trip it was under 4 miles.  That one is much harder to find, the coords are pretty off, and there was a lot of snow to help hide the location.  :-)

I was surprised there are not caches on the trails at Hills Creek - at least on the lake trail? Both caches there are relatively close together.  

Legacy Of Conservation Geotrail

Legacy of Conservation Geocaching Trail
in the Pennsylvania Wilds
The idea behind the trail is to put you on some of the best sites the Pennsylvania Wilds has to offer on state lands (State Parks, State Forests, and State Game Lands) and significant conservation locations. Each geocache on this trail will have a collectable “Legacy of Conservation” card, featuring one of Pennsylvania’s notableenvironmental heroes/heroines. Collect all 30 cards, and you will be eligible to receive the coveted “DCNR – Legacy of Conservation” coin at one of three validation locations – Parker Dam State ParkLyman Run State Park, or Chapman State Park – be sure to bring your collected cards along. [Budget concerns have limited us to 500 – cards each and coins.]
Curious about which cache has the “Joseph T. Rothrock” card, the M. K. Goddard card, or the “Rachel Carson” card? It’s like the surprise in the cereal box – a different card in every cache, but you’ll have to find the cache first. More information about the hero and their potential connection to that cache site is included in each cache on the back of the “You found a geocache” information card. The cards are in a snap-lock container along with the log. Let me know when any of the cards are getting low – thanks.
Practice good stewardship while seeking these geocaches – more info at Seeking a Cache – Best Practices.
The following 30 geocaches are part of this Legacy of Conservation Trail:
(Links direct you to the web page for the geocache on
A Room With a View – Travel to scenic Bald Eagle State Park to find your room with a view. Centre County.

Beyond Bowles – Lycoming County is home to Little Pine State Park, but who is Bowles?

Coke & Hollywood – Really, in Clearfield County? Huh? Learn more about the Hollywood AMD project.

Don't Get Bogged Down – Now, where would one get “bogged down” in Centre County? Think about it.

 – Stands for what? Elk County (or is that Elk Country?).

First State Game Refuge
 – Another first for Clinton County. Refuge?

Irish Rock
 – Along the Clarion River in Jefferson County. By hike or by boat – your choice.

Lutra – Genus name of the critter that was reintroduced here in Potter County.

 – No, no moose around here. But the view … Clinton County.

 – Another genus name. You will be surrounded by them at this cache in Warren County.

Raven's Horn
 – A spectacular view of the Pine Creek with some cautions. Lycoming County.

Sand Run Falls – I have seen pictures of places like this, but never expected to find it in Tioga County.

Smokey? – Is it? Enjoy what Elk County offers at this unique site.

Survivor's Rock –Read about their story of the Pepper Hill fire, then hike to this site and realize the terrain they were working in. Cameron County.

Three Falls
 – George told me this was his favorite. The beauty of Pennsylvania cannot be beat.
               Armpit Aim – So how does one aim with an armpit? Go to Leonard Harrison State Park in Tioga County to find out.

But They Don’t
 – Who (or what) doesn’t do what? Find out in Clinton County.

Dobby's Home
 – But it’s Fred’s trail. Cameron County.

Don’t Just Talk the Talk – Tioga County. Most northeastern cache on the trail.

First Purchase – Ah, the start of it all. Clinton County.

Forest Primeval – BIG TREES. Clarion County.

Labyrinth View – Potter County has a labyrinth. You can see it on the way to this cache.

Management – Muggles. Lots of DCNR muggles. Be careful. Cameron County.

Nature Had Other Plans – Sometimes nature has the upper hand over man’s wishes. Proof lies here in McKean County.

Painter Cleft – Parking in Clinton County but hiking into Centre County. Now this is remote country.

Rhymes with Brock
 – Jefferson County rocks! That rhymes with Brock, ay?

Sleeping Acer – How about a first for Elk County. Okay, but what is an Acer?

Stars Above
 – Of course there are. But here is where you can see them best.

The Great Umbrella Cache II – One of the most amazing things I have seen in Pennsylvania. Found in Elk County.

What Has Four Feet and Holds Lots of Water? – Held, held lots of water. It is gone now, but the feet are still here in Clearfield County. Have a Wherigo (see below) capable unit? – Learn more about S.B. Elliott State Park through the SBE Historic Tour cartridge.
Collect all 30 cards, and you will be eligible to receive the coveted "DCNR - Legacy of Conservation" coin (non-trackable) at one of three validation locations.
Where I goWherigo – If you have a Wherigo capable GPS unit (Garmin Colorado or Oregon, and some PocketPCs), then visit and download the Legacy of Conservation play anywhere cartridge. You can play it anywhere you have enough room (approximately 100 square yards to the north) and learn more about Pennsylvania’s Legacy of Conservation.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Geocaching Journal: Is This The Beginning of The End of Geocaching?

Geocaching Journal: Is This The Beginning of The End of Geocaching?: "It's barely been 10 years since the US Government discontinued Selective Availability of the Global Positioning System, making GPS..."

Getting Ready for two big events!


May 20 - 22, 2011

waterfall bear

On our to do list - 
Find a place to stay for ASGB
Buy a new, smaller, tent 
Buy a new GPS 
update our geocaching photo album travel bug
Get a kayak rack on top of the van

We'll be camping the entire week, I'm hoping to pass the 1,000 cache mark while at Geowoodstock.  There should be smaller events and all sorts of things going on that week - I can't wait!  

Check out the price for meals at the ASPGB!  Wow!  I can't cook that cheaply...
"We have a package deal for food: Four great meals for a smokin' prepaid price! This is for two suppers (Friday & Saturday), breakfast on Saturday morning and a hot lunch Saturday at noon. For adults the package deal is $23.00, for children under 13, $19.00. If you want to pick and choose the meals you want, we are offering each meal for $6.25 per meal for adults, and $5.25 per meal for children under 13."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Caching on the way to Hershey

We had tickets for the Hershey Bears game last night, so we took the back way down and cached a bit along the way.

Mainly what could be labeled "for the numbers" caches.  Guardrails.  A parking lot.  One or two in cemeteries, which are at least a little more fun.  :-)  But we also did this one - 

GC1YP72 - Sparky's Favorite Spot

This is officially a favorite for us!  Not only is it a great, creative, hide, but the firemen here love watching the cachers and will lean out to say hi.  :-)

I'm still debating how to share photos here.  I love to share photos of the caches, but I don't want there to be TOO many obvious spoilers here either... a dilemma!  

We're at 755 caches.  We'd like to break 1,000 this year.  With geowoodstock right nearby, that should be easily attainable?  There are at least 20 in Bloomsburg we haven't completed yet, and I think another 20 or so in the Williamsport area.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4 more dragon caches found!

Someone scheduled us to all go to the dentist at 8:30am on the first Monday of the new year.

That "someone's" wife just made a new years resolution to never allow him alone at an appointment counter again.  LOL!

But since we were out, and in the area...  we stopped for a couple more caches!

first stop was Moonstone.  I really, really hate caches in locations like this.  With that much traffic, I feel stupid being out there, and worry that a police officer will come along and ask what we are doing, etc...  but it was a quick find thankfully, and we were in and out pretty fast.

From there we went to Blue - and PPL was there putting up a new pole.  Two big trucks, right at what must have been ground zero - we were about 50ft away in the van.  :-(  Another time.

Opal was another quick find - in another location where I didn't like parking..  but there was almost no traffic there at all, so it wasn't nearly as bad as Moonstone.

Then on to Chrysolite, another cache and dash, but in a prettier area..  again very little traffic, so not too awkward to be there.  

Last we headed to Silver.  We looked for silver Saturday, and had no luck at all.  Today we found it within minutes!  Woohoo!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dynomite Caches in the Game Lands

It's a gorgeous day today - 41 degrees, and sunny, in January!  A perfect Sunday afternoon for a walk...  so we headed over to the game lands (no hunting on Sundays in PA) to find the Dynomite caches listed there.  We haven't been caching much in awhile, so there are a lot for us to find right here in our area.  Nice.  :-)

Both caches were easily accessible, no bushwacking, off nice wide paths...  it's a really beautiful walk too.

It's a shame there is so much junk inside the bunkers over here.  :-(

This is the first we've been in the woods caching in awhile..  our cell phone batteries drained FAST.  We only walked 2.5 miles, were out about an hour, started out with batteries over 90% and drained them down to almost nothing on just two caches.  Uh oh.  We love cgeo, but that won't work if we want to do lots of caches in one day!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mandrakas Caches

We hadn't been caching in ages!  So this first day of 2011, 1/1/11. we set out to log some caches.

I think we set out with a goal of 10 caches.  HA.  Have you tried any of the Mandrakas Dragon series (Montoursvill/Williamsport Pa area)  These are not cache and dashes, and our son had to be back to be to work at 3.

We "cheated" and did a quick c&d at Eders just to get 4 finds today.

It took us forever to remember how to use the software on our phones (still using cgeo, I looked at the "official" app today and it's not reviewing well at all, and it doesn't appear like they are working on it to improve it? LOVE cgeo) and to figure out how to organize our notes on these caches, etc.  I ended up with a document in googledocs, which we can access from our phones or computers, with all the caches listed and the clues found in each cache, etc.

The first one we stopped at was too easy.  We built false confidence. :-)  The second we cheated by accident.  While the boys were busy looking for stage one, Meg wandered off a bit and stumbled onto stage two.  LOL!  Then we went to the Gold Dragon, and immediately found stage one.

And there our luck ran out.  We were too rusty for such a challenging cache!  So I posted on facebook that we were stumped, and immediately got pm's through fb, and texts, offering a clue.  We jumped on that offer, and with a clue, I found stage two in literally seconds.  Got out of the van, walked over, and picked it up.  Pure luck, it wasn't obvious, just happened to be the first one I touched.  :-)

On to Dragon Silver..  where there was a lot more traffic than we expected!  There are two containers there, the cache, and a decoy.  We found neither!  LOL!

So we ran to Eders for a quick cache and dash - we were waiting for "off season" for that one...  then we headed home.

One of our goals this year is to finish this series of caches and find the Crystal Dragon..  but I have a feeling it will take us most of the year, and more than a few phone a friends, to complete it.    We do have dentist appointments in that area on Monday, hoping to find at least one more...

The Dragons Lair List, shared by St George Crew

Monday, August 16, 2010

Night Caching!

We LOVE night caching!  The first one we ever did was the 7 GI's over in Boalsburg, but we've done a few more since then, most recently at the ASPGB.  So we were really excited to hear that Joe was putting some night caches in the Bloom area.  We went with the groups after the event to find them, and had a blast!

For a night cache, typically you go to the coords, shine a flashlight around until you find a glow in the dark marker, then keep following the glow in the dark markers.  When you come to two dots (markers) stop.  Look around for 3 markers - and the cache should be right around the three marks.